Thursday, March 08, 2007


Saturdy, Jay led Ara, Teri, some guy named Jesse and me on a bike shootout for Mountain Biking magazine. Five bikes, five people, five rides up and down the same trail. Tapia Canyon in Valencia was the spot Jay chose, pretty much cuz of its proximity to the heralded 661 offices. That, and it was actually a very diverse trail that allowed us to see how the bikes handled climbing and descending, on fireroad and singletrack, smooth hard pack, rocks, loose dirt, little whoops and even a couple drops.

Between the pedal changing, seat height adjustment, debate & discussion, paperwork and strong headwinds it turned into a longer day than we expected, but it was definitely fun getting to ride bikes that I never would have ridden otherwise.

You'll have to wait for the article to see what we came up with as I have been sworn to secrecy by Jay and several government agencies.

This may or may not be Jay.

This may or may not be one of the XC bikes we tested.