Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Monsoon II: Rocky Peak

I'm blogging, sheesh! I'm sorry it's been like a month!

Chris's Blog was woefully void of pics, so I figured I had to step up to the plate. What a fricken ride!!! Although I had to ditch my glasses AGAIN (this pic was minutes before they had to go bye bye) the Rocky Peak ride was MUCH better than Monsoon I: Rim Nordic #3. I had Jay and Fuzzy and Jim to follow down the trail which made it much easier without my glasses. And I had my brand-new 5" travel DAWG to soak up all the bumps (cuz I was busy soaking up the water along with everyone else). Dawn with her Inoperative Intense and Betsy on the hardtail both slugged it out, too.

It was a wacky wet time. Thanks for rolling out the Old Year with a bang, guys. Can't wait for the New One to fulfill all our riding desires.

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