Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The wheels on the bike go round and round...


Guess what was on my doorstep waiting for me this evening? A package from my homies at SPINERGY! A shiny new hub and cassette body relaced to my rim. How do like them apples??? You don't, unless you're on my team, cuz I'm gonna be ridin by you on em!!! Ha HA!

Talk about speedy service, too: I sent the broked one in on Wednesday, it got there on Friday, and now it's already back in my sweaty little hands. Plus it's a new-and-improved beefed-up version of the hub.

Guess what's gonna be on the Litespeed tomorrow? =)

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Cap'n said...

It's good to be a Backboner, eh Vegas? Go easy on my double breasted mattress thrasher friend Meghan this weekend, she's tall and hot w/large bosoms, and I don't know if she is ready for all that is Vegas Bob! Hope to see ya this weekend!