Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Long Overdue

Well, the Second Annual New Year's Rockin Eve Rocky Peak Ride was so warm, bright and sunny that I thought I would post pics of the innaugural inundation for a jolly juxtaposition.

First, we have fellow South OC contingent (The "Tailbone" of Backbone!) member Betsy overseeing the boys changing her tube. How many 'Boners does it take to change a flat???

Next we have Chewy making his helpful contribution to the process!!!

Ter-Ter came decked out in her Penn State garb for the East Coast weather that quickly descended on us.

Dawn came equally well-dressed for the wet, but wasn't always sporting her usually sunny disposition!

The Cap'n checkin to see if The Colonel is coming up the trail with a fresh bucket of Original Recipe for him.

Jimbo, Jaybo and A-bo leadin the way.


JIMBO said...

Ladies and Gents... Its Mosh-Pit-Bob
Welcome back to bloggin'.. Nice pics..That was my last group ride with you guys...I miss all of you..except for Chris

Cap'n said...

Jim doesn't miss me because I was caught selling his wife naked pictures of Dr. Phil. That ride was great, I looooved that weather!

Jim's a fag.