Wednesday, December 03, 2008

PCH Ride

I know, I know, I'm the worst blogger ever.

Here are some phone pics from my weekly ride south on PCH from the casa. No, I didn't plan ahead and bring a real camera, but these turned out pretty good actually.

I know Chris will enjoy this most of all, since he has probably already bought battery-operated socks so he can build igloos in his front yard and not freeze to death in the sub-zero temperatures he is no doubt experiencing O hi o.

I started taking pics on the way back north to the house. This crazy 3 degree rise may be steeper than any hill found in Chris's current state.

The lifeguard towers get drunk in the parking lot in the afternoon and reminisce about that one time Nicole Eggert ran down the sand in front of them in super-slow-motion.

Speaking of bouncing, this next one is the set of bodacious bazoongas on the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station. That's right SONGS. The only tune you'll hear if this 2,200 megawatt reactor melts down, though, is "Taps."

But enough of the depressing stuff, here's the nipple shot!

Look ma, no hands!

Actually, don't look ma, I'm sure you'll be frightened and chastise me. "But mom, everyone's going 'hands-free' nowadays!"

And finally, a couple last pics as that big ball o fire plunges into the ocean.

Happy Trails!


Sharpie said...

SWEET JESUS, BOB IS BACK! Nice pix of the Dolly Parton Memorial Power Plant in San Onofre! It's flatter than George Bush's approval rating here, and cold as hell to boot, which makes up for it! NOT!

Vegas said...

One comment? You guys suck. :P

redpillredux said...

Hardly the worst blogger ever. That would be... well, nevermind.

At least you've got real shit up on yours. All some of us have taken the time or effort for are opinionated regurgitations of conventional political wisdom. (great if you can't sleep, but pretty useless on a ride.)

Keep it up. Really good to see some pics and stuff of your home-world, Usul. You are missed.

And hey, at least you GET comments.

Vegas said...

By "worst blogger ever" I don't mean my content but rather the horrendous lack of posts.