Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Check me out ma, I'm blogging.

SNOW in Orange County? Yah, yoo betcha! And there was a boner in it. Backboner you dirty pervert.

Nice, sunny, 70 on the way up...

...but 40 at the top.

Vid! Yes, it's little jerky because I’m riding with one hand (cuz I'm holding the camera, geez freak!), but I think it still adequately conveys the fun.

Santiago Peak: 5,689 ft.

Luckily my Hydrapak was paked with essentials to feed me and get me through the temp differences. Yay for arm warmers! I'm really enjoying their Gel-Bot also, which allows you to put a couple gels into the top of a waterbottle with the squeeze top. No more fumbling in jersey pockets and tearing packets. I put honey in mine, with a little OJ to thin it out. Mmm, mmm, energy.

Heading back down, even more white stuff. SNOW, you miscreant.

And finally some sweet technical rock sections to finish it off (the ride, you degenerate).

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Spence said...

Good story told mainly with pictures.
Wish my blog pix looked that good.