Monday, June 05, 2006

Lost Wages

Besty travelled to the scorched homeland of Vegas Bob this weekend for some serious R&R (riding and reveling). Braving the oven-hot weather (topping at 107 later that day), the thin air (at, oh, 4800'), and on an unfamiliar ride ("Susan" the Litespeed), she still managed to easily truck her way up thru Badger Pass to Red Valley. She even dodged the most moronic rider I've ever seen coming down the trail, that tried his hardest to run the both of us over rather than yield the right-of-way. But nothing would stop Betsy from enjoying the ride, even the fact that she realized (way too late, I might add) that there would be barely anything even remotely resembling a tree anywhere near the trail (What part of desert she didn't understand beforehand beats me).

We soon got to the end of the climb, though, and after enjoying a view of the strip that most people never ever see (look through the dust in the back of the pic), she told me "Let's go. I'm going to tear up that downhill like a vulture rips apart carrion!"

Yeah. It scared me, too. So quickly we were back on the pedals and flowing our way over twisty, dry white singletrack back toward the "3 Mile Smile." I led the way on "Sky" the Kona (cuz she obviously has more travel) but was more than happy (and kind-of frightened) to see Betsy none-too-far behind, easily negotiating the rock-laden descent. I couldn't tell if her ear-to-ear grin was elation or bloodlust, but we got to the bottom and she told me "Susan and I are getting along a lot better now!" and I felt at ease.

We crabbled up the tricky switchbacks back to Badger Pass and crossed paths with some other riders that were super courteous. It redeemed our faith in the Rules of the Trail and our belief that the asshole we encountered earlier was the exception that proved the rule. More and more descending over fast-curvy-whiterock-dry-creekbed-singletrack and we were back to the truck. Mission accomplished. Betsy thanked me for the great ride, but thanked me more when I started the engine and the air conditioner spewed out frosty coolness.

An hour later we joined the Timster at the Flamingo for some serious poolside lounging under the misters and consumption of icy alcoholic beverages (and I may have ogled a bikini-clad ass or two!). And all was good.

Later that evening we decided we should take some money from the casinos, so while Tim mastered the Pai Gow dragon and raked in the dough, Besty and I joined her friend Lindsay at the Blackjack table and proceeded to clean up there as well.

And thus ended a perfect day in Vegas. My stay here in Sin City is soon (VERY soon) coming to an end, and spending one of my last weekends here Livin Large is just how I roll. I will sincerely miss some of the friends and places I have come to know here. It helps, though, knowing that I am starting out on the next phase in my life with great times ahead of me and even more great friends to share them with. And the neon in the desert will always be here, not far away.

"I've led a charmed life." -Mike Ness.

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Cap'n said...

SWEET blog page, BOB! Great pix, great writing...crap I felt like I was there! I named my bike, too. On the climbs, she is called "DIRTY F*****G WHORE BITCH SLUT MOTHERF*****G BEEOTCH," and the decents, I call her "Baby."
Can NOT WAIT til you move out here next week! see ya soon, BOB!