Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Huh huh. La Negra and I got it on this weekend! A loop that included going up Trabuco and down Bell; a fine way to break her in. The recent rains have made the trails incredible. Super lush foliage and super tacky soil (That's Bell that starts on the right and ends waaaaaaay down there in the middle left-just above the bush).

She likes it dirty.

Thanks to my bike shop BUY MY BIKES! for gettin her all together. And thanks to all the sponsors for the bitchin parts: XPEDO MF-4A pedals, SUNLINE/661 carbon bars and lock-on grips, SIGMASPORT computer, KENDA Kharisma tires, and of course Joel and John at TOMAC for the frame. This baby flies and I can't wait to get her to the races!

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Cap'n said...

That is one sick bike, VB. I am jealous. If you guys loved me, you'd get me one. You guys don't love me, do you. Bastards. Hey, I got stiffed at the Camp-N-Ride again this year, and NOW you have been around long enough to know better! Bob, it's up to you..I'll expect my Carbide by next week..:)