Friday, February 15, 2008

Ugh a bug

Well here's an update for my loyal readership, since I know it's been awhile.

I will finally be back on the bike this weekend, after having maybe 5 rides in the past 4 weeks. I believe I finally coughed up the last phlegmball today from being sick. Last Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday was entirely spent huddled under the covers with the heated mattress pad on, rarely awake for more than a few hours. Sore throat and clammy, then moving into the sinus swelling and mucus manufacturing by the weekend.

Before that I was dealing with my 'Roid Rage again. Not the Cy Young award winning, Grand Jury indicting, speech impediment inducing, nervous lip licking kind that Roger Clemens undoubtedly has, but the kind where I'm sitting on a fiery bag of marbles. Not STEroid but HEMRrhoid. Doesn't make for a happy bike-riding scenario. Or really any other scenario.

That and the rain off and on, like I said has decreased my spin time from 5 or 6 times a week to 1 if any.

Also, since I know you're all dying to find out, the mighty Tomac Carbide has been slowly coming together. A mass part ordering was done ahead of time at my LBS, the wonderful Buy My Bikes!, to be added onto later by sponsor product including a new Marzocchi Corsa fork, sweet Sunline Carbon V-1 bar and new half-waffle lock-on grips, and eventually a blingy wheelset. However, when the Sunline stuff showed up and I decided to use the Marz Marathon from the Litespeed and a WTB wheelset I had hangin in the garage to get the build going, a few choice parts were found lacking from my metal cornucopia. Number one being the reducer headset needed for the girthy Tomac carbon headtube. Number two being the ultra pimp aluminum Nokon derailleur cable housing. Apparently Xzibit had a '71 Pinto he was tricking out with Shimano 9 speed and had to appropriate the stuff. So a little delay. No biggy except that I WANT IT NOW! :)

I'll keep y'all updated.

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